Sound (band)

For the English post-punk band, see The Sound (band).
Origin Philippines
Genres Jazz, indie pop
Years active 1999–present
Labels Independent
Members Dru Ubaldo (drums)
Erwin Fajardo (keyboards)
Sach Castillo (vocals/guitars)
Francis Magat (bass)

Sound is an independent Filipino jazz band composed of Dru Ubaldo (drums), Erwin Fajardo (keyboards), Sach Castillo (vocals/guitars), and Francis Magat (bass).


In 1996, Paolo Lim, Chino Yuson, and Sach Castillo formed the band Third Stone, an allusion to a Hendrix grind. Later, the trio collaborated with percussionist David Esteban and keyboardist James Bitanga. Originally, the band intended to be a reggae outfit, but several compositions later, the group went into a different direction. In 1999, the band met Erwin Fajardo, to become the new keyboardist. Together with Castillo, the two started writing songs. By 2001, the band had enough material for an album, and eventually settled for the band name Sound.

Live shows and albums

Sound's live shows are Manila-themed, influenced by groups ranging from The Beatles, Corduroy, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, and Steely Dan, all flavored with a love for original Filipino music. Sound are regular performers at Café Saguijo (Makati), Magnet, Bonifacio High Street (Fort Bonifacio) and Big Sky Mind (New Manila).

In 2003, the independently released debut BossaManila came out in the local market. Three years later, they released their sophomore effort Blue Monsoon which was notable for the inclusion of the APO Hiking Society original "'Di Na Natuto". The track was also released in the Kami nAPO Muna tribute album, released the same year.


Studio albums

Year Album
2003 Bossa Manila (Independent & Rare)

Tracks: Bossa Manila, Bossa Reprise, Habulan, Improvise, Loop, Persuasion, Real Revolution, Rebuilding, Space Samba, Statues, Underwater Dub, Waves.

2007 Blue Monsoon (released by EMI Music)

Tracks: Blue Monsoon, Madaling Araw, Bagong Siglo, Maynila, Peligro, Where To Go From Here, Let's Get It Back, Maskarahan, Turpentine, The Trouble With Me, War Elephant, From A To B, Di Na Natuto, Idlip, Blue (reprise).

Compilation albums

Year Album
2006 Kami nAPO Muna (Universal Records) - contributed "'Di Na Natuto"
2007 Hopia Mani Popcorn (Viva Records) - contributed "Ako Si Superman" by Rey Valera


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