Souha Hatono

Souha Hatono VIII or Sōha Hatono VIII
Born 1844
Kumamoto Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Died 1917
Nationality Japan
Occupation Physician (Surgeon)
Known for Treating both sides at the Satsuma Rebellion (1877) equally, in accord with the spirit of International Red Cross.

Souha Hatono VIII of Japan (the 8th) (鳩野宗巴8世) (1844–1917) or Sōha Hatono was a Japanese physician specializing in surgery. He treated wounded soldiers of the both sides equally in the Satsuma rebellion (1877) which was fought between Satsuma and the new Imperial Government. He faced a trial for trying to benefit the enemy, but was proved innocent. His activities were in accord with the spirit of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Sōha Hatono VIII of Japan

Satsuma Rebellion

Forerunners of the Red Cross

Ryoun Takamatsu

Sano Tsunetami

In May, 1877, Sano Tsunetami created the Hakuaisha, a relief organization to provide medical assistance to soldiers wounded in the Satsuma Rebellion. This organization became the Japanese Red Cross Society in 1887, with Sano as its first president.

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