Sophia Báthory

Picture of Sophia Báthory
Picture of Sophia Báthory

Sophia Báthory (died 1680) was a niece of Gabriel Báthory.[1][2] She married Prince of Transylvania George II Rákóczi on February 3, 1643.[3][4] Prior to the marriage she was required by his mother to renounce Roman Catholicism in favor of Calvinism.[4] This marriage united the families of the Báthory and the Rákóczi.[3] Francis I Rákóczi was Sophia and George's son.[1][5] He was the only leading conspirator of the Wesselényi conspiracy whose life was spared, due to Sophia's intervention and a ransom payment.[6][7]:108– She also converted him to Catholicism.[4][7]:106– Sophia returned to Catholicism after her husband's death, and supported the Counter-Reformation.[8]


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