Soldenfeldts Stiftelse

One of the gates on Ryesgade

Soldenfeldts Stiftelse is a listed property overlooking Sortedam Lake in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Soldenfeldts Stiftelse was founded by the brothers Joseph and F. W. Soldenfeldt. The property on Sortedam Dossering was built in 1893 and 1894 as a home for elderly (+59) women teachers, house keepers, seamstresses and maids. Its architect was Hermann Baagøe Storck.


The four-winged property is built in red brick in a style inspired by Italian medieval and renaissance architecture.

Tts front on Sortedam Doseringen has a balcony above the central main gateway. Decorations include 12 terracotta medalions surrounded by laurel wreaths. They were created by the sculptor Carl Aarsleff and represent the virtues which the residents were originally expected to possess. Temperance, diligence, patience, innocence, humility and faith are seen on the left while hope, cherity, peace, vigilance, prudence and truth are seen on the right.[1]

The building was listed in 1997.


The property contains 99 apartments of different sizes. All apartments were refurbished in 2002 and have private kitchen and bath room. Other facilities include a banquet hall with murals by Frans Schwartz and a studio, an exercise room and a library on the fourth floor. The central courtyard contains lawns and a fountain.[2]


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