Sokolac Castle

Sokolac Castle
Gradina Sokolac
Brinje, in Lika-Senj County

Sokolac Castle
Sokolac Castle
Gradina Sokolac
Coordinates 44°59′53″N 15°07′52″E / 44.998°N 15.131°E / 44.998; 15.131
Type Castle
Site information
Controlled by Frankopan and Gorjanski families
Site history
Materials Limestone

Sokolac Castle (Croatian: Gradina Sokolac) is a castle in Brinje, Croatia. It is named after the Croatian word for hawk (sokol), which appears on the town's coat of arms.


It dates back to medieval times, while the town was held by the noble Frankopan and Gorjanski families. The castle was part of an important medieval fortified city held by Frankopan family.

Sokolac Castle was an extremely grand building, dominated by the powerful perpendiculars of the entry tower, and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. The entry into the burg was through a square, three-storey tower, the façades of which were relieved with lesenes linked at the top with blind arcades, making it a unique specimen in the whole of Central Europe.[1]

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