Sofía Álvarez

Sofía Álvarez

Born Carmen Sofía Álvarez Caicedo
May 23, 1913
Bogotá, Colombia
Died April 30, 1985
Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation Actress
Years active 1932-1968

Carmen Sofía Álvarez Caicedo, better known as Sofía Álvarez (Bogotá, Colombia May 23, 1913 - Mexico City, Mexico April 30, 1985) was a Mexican film actress and singer of Colombian origin.[1]

Life and Career

Born and raised in Colombia, she moved with her family to Mexico in 1928. Her film debut was a small part, in the role of a prostitute in Santa (1930), the first talkie of Mexican cinema. Popularly known as the lady of the long braids, she enjoyed popularity during the 1930s and 1940s as an actress and singer. Subsequently she performed with Mario Moreno Cantinflas in the popular film Ahí está el detalle (1940). In the 1940s, Álvarez is characterized by her interpretation of elegant ladies in films like El sombrero de tres picos and México de mis recuerdos (1943). She performed with the popular Pedro Infante in three films: Si me han de matar mañana (1946), La barca de oro (1947) and Soy charro de Rancho Grande (1947). One of her most celebrated films was La Reina de la Opereta (1945). In 1950 she left the cinema to continue as a radio singer. She returned to the cinema between 1957 and 1966, when she retired from the scenes. Her last film was El Gángster (1965), with Arturo de Córdova. She was noted for her excellent voice also that delicate features that printed her characters.

Selected filmography


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