Social Christian Party (Brazil)

Social Christian Party
Partido Social Cristão
President Everaldo Pereira
Founded 1985[1]
Headquarters Brasília, Brazil
Membership 417,221[2]
Ideology Christian right
Economic liberalism
Right-wing populism
Political position Right-wing
International affiliation None
Colours          Green & white
TSE Identification Number 20
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
8 / 513
Seats in the Senate
1 / 81
Local government
1,431 / 56,810
Pastor Everaldo Pereira (left)

The Social Christian Party (Portuguese: Partido Social Cristão, PSC) is a conservative political party in Brazil.

At the legislative elections, 2010, PSC obtained 12 seats in the chamber of deputies and kept this number at 2014 legislative elections.[3]

Electoral results

At the legislative elections, 6 October 2002, the party won 1 out of 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and no seats in the Senate. At the legislative elections of October 1, 2006, the party won 9 seats in the chamber of deputies.

Presidential elections

Year Candidate Votes %
1989 No candidate, endorsed Fernando Collor de Mello n/a n/a
1994 Hernani Fortuna 238,257 0.40%
1998 Sergio Bueno 124,546 0.20
2010 No candidate, endorsed Dilma Rousseff n/a n/a
2014 Pastor Everaldo 780,513 0.75%


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