Snekkersten Station

DSB and Lokaltog station

The main station building
Location 93 Nørrevej
3070 Snekkersten
Coordinates 56°00′34″N 12°35′01″E / 56.00944°N 12.58361°E / 56.00944; 12.58361Coordinates: 56°00′34″N 12°35′01″E / 56.00944°N 12.58361°E / 56.00944; 12.58361
Owned by DSB
Line(s) Coast Line
Little North Line
Opened 1891
Rebuilt 1954
Preceding station   DSB Øresund   Following station
Coast Line
toward Malmö C
Preceding station   Lokaltog   Following station
Little North Line
Local train
toward Hillerød
Location within Denmark

Snekkersten Station is a railway station serving the district of Snekkersten in the southern outskirts of the city of Helsingør, Denmark.

It is located on the Coast Line between Helsingør and Copenhagen and the Little North Line between Helsingør and Hillerød. The train services on the Coast Line are currently operated by the railway company DSB Øresund, whereas the railway company Lokaltog runs frequent local train services between Helsingør station and Hillerød station.


Snekkersten Station is not one of the original stations on the North Line which opened in 1864. The tracks were then located a little further to the west. In 1879, a halt was made near Borupgaard, a local farm. Traffic grew significantly when the Coast Line opened in 1897.[1] The station was refurbished by Sigurd Christensen in 1854.


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