Sneak Preview (album)

Sneak Preview
Studio album by Sneak Preview (King's X)
Released 1983
Recorded Dyna-Might Studios Springfield, MO.
Genre Hard rock, pop rock
Label Independent
Producer John Gott and Sneak Preview
Sneak Preview (King's X) chronology
Sneak Preview
Out of the Silent Planet

Sneak Preview is an independently released album by the future members of King's X going by the name of Sneak Preview. Reportedly, only about 1,000 copies were pressed. The band was not very impressed with the results and may have personally destroyed about half of the pressed copies, making this album a very rare item.

The album has a definite early 1980s rock sound both songwriting and production wise. It does little to set itself apart from any other acts at the time and is also quite different from the distinctive sound they would develop a few years later as King's X.

However, there are a couple of seeds for future use planted here. The song "The Door" from this album was re-written lyrically and recorded for the Ear Candy album as "Picture"; "You're The Only One" was recorded for the Black Like Sunday album in 2003; and the instrumental break in the middle of "Inside Outside" was re-used on the track "I Can't Help It" from the Faith Hope Love album.

The song "Where's Everybody Going?" was frequently played during the live shows of Sneak Preview, often as the ending track. Some of the songs from this album are available as part of live bootlegs from that time. There were 5 videoclips released for this album: "Hang On", "Together", "Linda", "Inside Outside" and "Full Scale".

Track listing

  1. Media Man - 2:43
  2. You're The Only One - 3:18
  3. Hang On - 3:33
  4. Together - 3:53
  5. The Door - 5:46
  6. Linda - 3:20
  7. Inside Outside - 3:08
  8. Full Scale - 2:39
  9. When You Smile - 3:44
  10. Where's Everybody Going? - 2:58


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