Coordinates: 43°22′01″N 25°18′00″E / 43.367°N 25.3°E / 43.367; 25.3Coordinates: 43°22′01″N 25°18′00″E / 43.367°N 25.3°E / 43.367; 25.3
Country Bulgaria
Province Veliko Tarnovo
Municipality Pavlikeni
  Total 35.123 km2 (13.561 sq mi)
Population (1 January 2007)
  Total 531[1]
Area code(s) 061391 within Bulgaria, 0035961391 from abroad[1]

Slomer is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is situated in Pavlikeni Municipality, Veliko Tarnovo Province.


The village is located 15 km from Pavlikeni Municipality and about 40 km from Veliko Tarnovo Province. Slomer is adjacent to the village of Karaisen.


There is a stele honouring the people who have fought for the freedom of Bulgaria. It can be found in the centre of Slomer on a fountain which is not currently running.

Unfortunately, there is a school and kindergarten as well, closed and crumbling.

Religion and language

The population of the village consists of Christians. Spoken language – Bulgarian.

Public institutions

A health office, the building of the village hall and church with magnificent frescos.

Three grocery stores, one of which combined with a cafe. Two cafes, which also function as taverns.

Natural sights

The sites "Trite mogili" (Трите могили, The three mounds), "Slava mogila" (Слава могила, Slava mound), "Koriykata" (Корийката) and the Kosora forest with lots of trees and wolves around.

Regular events

A market is held every Friday selling various goods required by the villagers. An annual fair is held on the third Saturday of October.


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