Sláine mac Dela

Sláine (Sláinge, Slánga), son of Dela, of the Fir Bolg was the legendary first High King of Ireland. He reportedly came ashore at Wexford Harbour at the mouth of the River Slaney.

The Fir Bolg invaded Ireland with five thousand men. Sláine and his four brothers, who were descended from one of the sons of Nemed, divided Ireland amongst themselves. Sláine, the youngest of the five, took Leinster, Gann north Munster, Sengann south Munster, Genann Connacht and Rudraige Ulster. They elected Sláine as ruler over them.

His wife was Fuad. His portion of the Fir Bolg were known as the Gailióin variant Gaileanga, named after their spears (Old Irish gáe).

He ruled only one year. He died at Dind Ríg in County Carlow and was buried at Slane, County Meath. He was succeeded by his brother Rudraige mac Dela.

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High King of Ireland
AFM 1934–1933 BC
FFE 1514–1513 BC
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