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Coat of arms
Coordinates: 52°40′N 17°9′E / 52.667°N 17.150°E / 52.667; 17.150
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Greater Poland
County Wągrowiec
Gmina Skoki
  Total 11.2 km2 (4.3 sq mi)
Population (2006)
  Total 3,866
  Density 350/km2 (890/sq mi)

Skoki [ˈskɔkʲi] (German: Schokken[1]) is a town in Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Wągrowiec County, with 3,779 inhabitants (December 2004). It is located about 40 km north of Poznań. It is the seat of the administrative district (gmina) called Gmina Skoki.


Established in 1367, it has always been a town with handicraft, in particular cloth weaving up to the 19th century.[2]

During World War II it was incorporated into the Nazi Reichsgau Wartheland. At this time an Oflag was established - Oflag XXI-A, later renumbered Oflag XXI-C.

The town has a church which lies on the Wooden Churches Trail around Puszcza Zielonka.


Coordinates: 52°40′00″N 17°10′00″E / 52.66667°N 17.16667°E / 52.66667; 17.16667

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