Sir Robert Talbot, 2nd Baronet

Sir Robert Talbot, 2nd Baronet (c.16101670) was an Irish landowner, soldier and politician of the seventeenth century.[1]

Talbot was the son of Sir William Talbot, 1st Baronet, a landowner and politician from Carton, County Kildare. Like most other Old English families, the Talbots remained Roman Catholics after the Reformation. Among his younger brothers were Peter Talbot who became the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin and the soldier and courtier Richard Talbot whose career eventually eclipsed his own as he rose to become Lord Lieutenant of Ireland under James II.

He sat for Wicklow County in the 1634 Irish Parliament. Following the outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641, Talbot joined the Irish Catholic Confederates and was a leading member of the Moderate Faction on the Supreme Council. He served as officer in the Leinster Army. During the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland he was forced to surrender Athlone to the advancing English Republican forces.[2]

Talbot married Grace Calvert, the daughter of George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore a leading English Catholic and founder of the Maryland Colony. In 1670 he was succeeded by his son Sir William Talbot, 3rd Baronet.


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