Sing Tao SC

Sing Tao
Full name Sing Tao Sports Club

Sing Tao Sports Club (Chinese: 星島體育會) is a now defunct Hong Kong football club which was dissolved after the 1998–99 season. The team was established by Aw Hoe (胡好) in 1940 and made their first appearance in Hong Kong First Division League in 1940–41 season. The team reglated to Hong Kong Second Division League twice in 1962–63 and 1972–73 seasons. The team became professional in 1968–69. They were promoted to the First Division League again in 1987–88 and stayed until it was dissolved in 1999.

Major Trophies

Former players

1. Players that have played/managed in a fully professional league.
2. Players with full international caps.


ADO Den Haag statistieken tegen Sing Tao in 1947 ADO Den Haag – Sing Tao wedstrijdverslag 1947

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