This article is about the rabbi. For the settlement in Estonia, see Simuna, Estonia. For the village in Finland, see Simuna, Finland.

R. Simuna (or Semona,[1] or Simona,[2]Hebrew: רב סימונא, read as Rav Simuna; Alternative Hebrew spelling: רב סמוניה, רב סמונא, רב סימוניא, רב סמוניא) was a Jewish Savora sage of the second generation of the Savora era. He headed the Pumbedita Yeshiva parallelly to Rav Ena running the Sura academy, and both committed the Talmud to writing.[1] Some scholars identify him with Rav Giza (רב גיזא). Died in year 540 ( ד'ש'; Hebrew calendar).


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