Simon Heinrich Adolf Herling

Simon Heinrich Adolf Herling (13 October 1780, Detmold 1 April 1849, Frankfurt am Main) was a German philologist and grammarian known for his scholastic treatment of German syntax.[1]

From 1801 to 1804, he studied theology at the University of Göttingen, afterwards spending several years as a private tutor in Frankfurt am Main. From 1809 to 1849, he worked as an instructor at the gymnasium in Frankfurt, and in the meantime served as a professor of classical languages at the Frankfurt Lyceum (1811–14). He was a founding member (1817) and president of the Frankfurtischen Gelehrtenvereins für Deutsche Sprache.[2][3]


Along with philologist Karl Ferdinand Becker, Herling is considered to be a primary representative of the so-called school of "rational grammar" in Germany.[3] His principal writings are:

Herling was also the author of several treatises with mathematical and theological themes.[2]


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