Type of business Private
Type of site
Digital Market Intelligence
Founded 2007 (2007)
Headquarters Tel Aviv, London, New York City
Area served International
Founder(s) Or Offer,[1]
CEO Or Offer[2]
Industry Advertising, Information technology
Services Market Intelligence
Employees 300
Slogan(s) Market Intelligence
Launched 2007
Current status Online
Type of site
Market Intelligence
Available in English
Alexa rank Negative increase 1,483 (February 2015)[3]
Registration Optional
Launched January 2013 (2013-01)[4]
Current status Active
Written in Apache Hadoop

SimilarWeb Ltd. is a digital market intelligence company co-founded in 2007 by Or Offer.[5][6] It sells a software as a service product, an API product, custom reports, and professional services.


The company was founded in 2007 by Or Offer in Tel-Aviv, Israel.[5] 2009 SimilarWeb won the first Israeli SeedCamp, attracting the attention of international media and investors. The company raised its Series A round of $1.1 million[7] the investment led by Yossi Vardi, and Docor International Management. SimilarSites, a browser extension to help users find sites similar to the one they are visiting, was launched later that year. 2013 On January 29, 2013, SimilarWeb raised another $2.5 million.[8] On September 24, 2013, the company closed an additional $3.5 million[9] extension to its Series B round led by David Alliance, Moshe Lichtman and participation of existing investor Docor International Management.[10] On February 24, 2014, South Africa media giant Naspers invested $18 million into SimilarWeb by funding a Series C.[11] Within a month, SimilarWeb used a part of the capital for the acquisition of Israeli early-stage company TapDog for a few million dollars in shares and cash, less than a year after TapDog was founded.[12] In November 2014, SimilarWeb announced that it had collected funds for its global expansion and enhancement of its mobile insights and mobile app platform. To this initiative, Naspers and Lord David Alliance contributed $15 million in a series D investment.[13][14] SimilarWeb's most notable clients include PayPal, eBay Inc., Flipkart, Adidas and others. On December 10, 2015, SimilarWeb announced it had acquired Quettra, a Silicon Valley based mobile intelligence startup, to boost its mobile operations.[15] Founded by ex-Google Play executive, Ankit Jain, Quettra provided personalization tools to developers in return for detailed mobile telemetry data. The Quettra team will serve as the basis of SimilarWeb's newly established Silicon Valley headquarters.


SimilarWeb uses data extracted from four main sources: 1) A panel of web surfers made of millions of anonymous users equipped with a portfolio of apps, browser plugins, desktop extensions and software; 2) Global and Local ISPs and data partnerships; 3) Web traffic directly measured from a learning set of selected websites and apps for intended for specialized estimation algorithms; 4) A colony of web crawlers that scan the entire Web and apps stores.[16][17][18]

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