Location in Tunisia

Coordinates: 36°4′55″N 9°22′29″E / 36.08194°N 9.37472°E / 36.08194; 9.37472Coordinates: 36°4′55″N 9°22′29″E / 36.08194°N 9.37472°E / 36.08194; 9.37472
Country Tunisia
Governorate Siliana Governorate
Population (2014)
  Total 59,140
Time zone CET (UTC1)
postal code 6100

Siliana (Tunisian Arabic: سليانة  Siliāna) is a modern farming town in northern Tunisia. It is located at around 36°4′55″N 9°22′29″E / 36.08194°N 9.37472°E / 36.08194; 9.37472, 130 km south-west of the capital Tunis. It is the capital of the Siliana Governorate. It is located 4 miles away from Jama where the Battle_of_Zama occurred.

Siliana Dam, is located 10 km north of the city of Siliana.


old picture of siliana
Siliana Dam

Siliana was founded in 1905.

In April 1990 the Silianian people made the first Tunisian revolution against the police, it was the first Tunisian voice ever against the government.

In November 2012, Siliana witnessed clashes between protesters for unemployment and the local police. Both Amnesty International and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay called on the authorities to end the use of "excessive force".[1]


Siliana has 17 neighborhoods

  • ons
  • riadh 1
  • riadh 2
  • farhat hached
  • hay monji slim (jlas)
  • jomhoria
  • ferdaous
  • nour ( aben )
  • sinaii
  • al barid
  • nouzha
  • fleha
  • basatin
  • salah
  • tay mhiri
  • zouhour


Siliana is the home of Uss: union Siliana sport, a football team that was founded in 1955.


There is one college in siliana: "Isetsl"[2]


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