Silesian dumplings

Silesian dumplings

Silesian dumplings
Type Dumpling
Region or state Silesia
Main ingredients mashed boiled potatoes, potato flour
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Silesian dumplings (Polish: kluski śląskie,[1] Silesian: gumiklyjzy,[1] Silesian German: schläsche Kließla, Klöße) are potato dumplings with a small depression in the center. They are very popular in Silesia and in neighboring regions. Also called białe kluski[1][2] ("white dumplings/noodles").


The dough for white dumplings is made of boiled[1] and then mashed potatoes (moderately cooled, but still warm), potato flour and a little bit of salt. The ratio of potatoes and flour is about 3:1 or 4:1. In some recipes, a whole egg may be added to the dough[1][3] (this helps shaping if the mashed potatoes cooled too much and the shaping becomes problematic).

There are two methods of forming the dumplings. The first one is by slicing them up with a knife from the dough rolls.[4] The other way is to just hand roll them from the dough and flatten. Finally, the depression is made with a thumb.[1]

The dumplings are cooked by inserting into boiling salty water in a large pot until they float to the top. If a larger number of dumplings is prepared, then the cooking must be done in batches (so that the dumplings do not glue together).


The dish consisting of the dumplings, fried beef rouladen with rich gravy, and boiled red cabbage is (or used to be) an invariable component of the Sunday dinner in many traditional Silesian families. Left-over dumplings can be reheated or fried (like potatoes) for supper and eaten with left-over gravy or butter.

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