Sigismund, Duke of Bavaria

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Sigismund of Bavaria, portrait by Jan Polack

Sigismund of Bavaria (26 July 1439 – 1 February 1501) was a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty. He ruled as Duke of Bavaria-Munich from 1460 to 1467, and then as Duke of Bavaria-Dachau until his death.


Sigismund was a son of Albert III of Bavaria with Duchess Anna of Brunswick-Grubenhagen.

Sigismund was Duke of Bavaria-Munich from 1460 to 1467, until 1463 together with his brother John IV, Duke of Bavaria. In 1467 he resigned in favor of his younger brother Albert IV and then kept only the new duchy of Bavaria-Dachau as his domain until his death.

In 1468 the foundation stone of the Frauenkirche in Munich was laid by Sigismund. He also ordered to enlarge Blutenburg Castle, to construct its chapel and to build the church St. Wolfgang in Pipping nearby. The redesign of the ducal court Alter Hof was initiated by Sigismund as well, who was generally a patron of the revival of Gothic arts in Bavaria.

Sigismund is buried in the Frauenkirche in Munich.


Sigismund's ancestors in three generations
Sigismund, Duke of Bavaria Father:
Albert III, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Grandfather:
Ernest, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Great-grandfather:
John II, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Catherine of Gorizia
Paternal Grandmother:
Elisabetta Visconti
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Bernabò Visconti
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Beatrice della Scala
Anna of Brunswick-Grubenhagen-Einbeck
Maternal Grandfather:
Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Agnes of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Maternal Grandmother:
Elisabeth of Brunswick-Göttingen
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Göttingen
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Margareta of Berg
Sigismund, Duke of Bavaria
Born: 1439 Died: 1501
German royalty
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Albert III
Duke of Bavaria-Munich
Succeeded by
Albert IV
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