Sierra de la Laguna dry forests

The Sierra de la Laguna dry forests are a subtropical dry forest ecoregion of the southern Baja California Peninsula in Mexico.


The dry forests cover the lower elevations of the Sierra de la Laguna, from 250 to 800 m (820 to 2,620 ft) elevation. They are surrounded at lower elevations by the San Lucan xeric scrub, which lies between sea level and 250 m (820 ft) elevation. Above 800 meters elevation, the dry forests transition to the subhumid and temperate Sierra de la Laguna pine-oak forests.


The predominant tree species of the dry forests are the Mauto (Lysiloma divaricatum), Palo blanco (L. candidum), Cajalosucho (Bursera microphylla) and Palo zorrillo (Hesperalbizia occidentalis).

Herbaceous plants are less prominent and include Caribe (Cnidoscolus angustidens), Buena mujer (Chloracantha spinosa), Solanum spp., and Biznaga (Ferocactus spp).[1]

The endemic palm here is Brahea brandegeei, that occurs in washes and along streams.

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