Siege of Yanagawa

Siege of Yanagawa
Part of the Sengoku period
LocationYanagawa castle, Chikugo province, Kyūshū
Result Tokugawa victory
Forces loyal to Tokugawa Ieyasu Castle garrison
Commanders and leaders
Katō Kiyomasa
Kuroda Yoshitaka
Nabeshima Naoshige
Tachibana Muneshige

The 1600 siege of Yanagawa took place just after the decisive battle of Sekigahara in which Tokugawa Ieyasu secured his control over Japan. Tachibana Muneshige remained one of the chief opponents to Tokugawa on Kyūshū, and was besieged in his castle at Yanagawa by Katō Kiyomasa, Nabeshima Naoshige and Kuroda Yoshitaka.

Muneshige surrendered under the assumption that he could then switch sides and aid the Tokugawa-loyal forces against the Shimazu clan of Satsuma, but Ieyasu forbade this plan from going through.


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