Siege of Trebizond (1282)

Siege of Trebizond
Part of the Byzantine-Georgian wars
DateApril 1282
LocationTrebizond, Asia Minor
Result Trebizondian victory
Empire of Trebizond Kingdom of Georgia
Commanders and leaders
John II of Trebizond David

The Siege of Trebizond in April 1282 was an unsuccessful siege of Trebizond, the capital of the namesake empire, by the Georgians under a certain David (either David I of Imereti or a confusion with Demetrius II of Georgia). Little is known about the attack, but it may have relied on support within the Trebizondian aristocracy, which opposed the rapprochement of Emperor John II of Trebizond (reigned 1280–1297) with the Palaiologan Byzantine court at Constantinople.


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