Siege of Le Catelet (1595)

Siege of Le Catelet
Part of the Franco-Spanish War (1595-1598)
Date20-26 June 1595
LocationLe Catelet, Picardy, France
Result Spanish victory[1]
Kingdom of France Kingdom of France Spain Spain
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Spain Count of Fuentes
Unknown 5,000[2]

The Siege of Le Catelet, also known as the Capture of Le Catelet, took place at the stronghold of Le Catelet, in Picardy, between 20 and 26 June 1595, as part of the Franco-Spanish War (1595-1598) in the context of the French Wars of Religion.[1][3] After a short siege, the Spanish forces commanded by the new Governor-General of the Spanish Netherlands, Don Pedro Henríquez de Acevedo, Count of Fuentes (Spanish: Conde de Fuentes), took the French fortress, compelling its garrison to surrender, as part of his offensive of 1595.[1][3] A few days later the Count of Fuentes and his forces continued with the offensive and took La Capelle.[4] On 14 July they arrived at Doullens and laid siege to the city.[1][4]

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