Siege of Arai

Siege of Arai
Part of the Sengoku period
DateJuly 11, 1516
LocationArai castle, Sagami Province
Result Hōjō victory
Miura clan forces of Hōjō Soun
Commanders and leaders
Miura Yoshiatsu 
Miura Yoshimoto 
Hōjō Soun
6,000 9,000

The siege of Arai (新井城の戦い) was among the first steps taken by Hōjō Sōun towards becoming one of the most powerful warlords of Japan's Sengoku period. After attacking Kamakura in 1512, Hōjō turned to Arai castle, on a peninsula to the south, which was controlled by Miura Yoshiatsu.

Miura Yoshiatsu's son Yoshimoto, believing defeat to be inevitable, took his own life by chopping off his own head.[1]


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