Siddeley Puma

Siddeley Puma
Type Inline engine
National origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer Siddeley-Deasy
First run 1917
Major applications Airco D.H.9
Developed into ADC Nimbus

The Siddeley Puma was a British aero engine developed towards the end of World War I and produced by Siddeley-Deasy. The first engines left the production lines of Siddeley-Deasy in Coventry in August 1917, production continued until December 1918. At least 4,288 of the 11,500 ordered engines were delivered, orders were cancelled following the Armistice. Production was continued under the name Armstrong Siddeley Puma when the manufacturer was bought by Armstrong Whitworth and became Armstrong Siddeley.

The engine was based on a previous B.H.P engine which was also developed as the Galloway "Adriatic."


Specifications (Puma)

Data from Lumsden[2]

General characteristics



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