Shumar Gewog

Shumar Gewog
Country  Bhutan
District Pemagatshel District
Time zone BTT (UTC+6)

Shumar Gewog (Dzongkha: ཤུ་མར་) is a gewog (village block) of Pemagatshel District, Bhutan.[1][2]

Shumar is one of the Gewogs in Pemagatshel Dzongkhag. It is the largest Gewog in the Dzongkhag with more 800 households and more than 11 villages. The Gewog Headman is Gup Lepo who was elected with yes/no votes due to only one contestant. Shumar Gewog is the most developed in the dzongkhag as the Dzongkhag headquarters being located in the Gewog. Shumar Village is the largest village comprising about 90 households in the Gewog and thus Gewog's name is Shumar.

Darchung is a small village under Shumar Village. Ap Thuenpel Sherab is the renowned farmer, doing mechanized farming and at the same time astrologer (Tsip) for almost 45 years. Semrig Jamtsho, Rangsame Tsojay, Sherig Dentshog, Thaye Chograb, Shedrup Zinjay, Marmi choesam and Lhaksam Chedrup are the sons and a daughter of Ap Thuenpel Sherab and Aum Sherab Lhadon. They are descended from the lineage of Todpulung Chojee which is ultimately descended from the Dungkhar Chojee in Khar, Pemagathsel. Dungkhar Chojee in Khar, Pemagathsel can be traced to the original lineage of Kurtoe Wangyoue, in Lunentse, tertoen Pema Lingpa's descendant.

Semrig Jamtsho resides in Yangkhar, above Shumar and Rangsame Tshojay stays at Darchung, inheriting parents' property. Sherig Dentshog works as Researcher at Shejun Agency and Thaye Chograb is at Nangkor Centre School, Pemagatshel as an English/ History Teacher. Shedrup Zinjay works as English Teacher at Yabrang under Trashigang and Marmi Chesum, only daughter, is also a teacher in Shumar Pry School under Nangkor Centre School. The youngest, Lhaksam Chedrup works as an assistant Program Officer of Dratshang Lhuentshok.


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