Shubar al-Sitri

Shobbar Al-Sitri
Born Bahrain
Died 1895
Shiraz, Qajar Empire
Occupation Shi'ite scholar
Religion Islam

Sayyid Shubar ibn Ali ibn Mish'al al-Sitri al-Bahrani al-Ghurayfi (Arabic: السيد شبر بن علي بن مشعل الستري البحراني الغريفي) was a Bahraini Allamah who tried to overthrow Sheikh Isa ibn Ali Al Khalifa, Hakim of Bahrain in 1895.

He brought weapons and men from Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia and areas in Bahrain to overthrow the Hakim, however the coup failed due to lack of support from Shi'a clerics.[1]

The 19th century scholar Sheikh Ali bin Hasan al-Biladi says in his book Anwar al-Badrain that after the failed coup, al-Sitri tried to get support from the ruler of Persia, Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, who assured him that he would be on his side as that country belongs to Persia. When the Bahraini government heard about that, they bribed the ruler of Shiraz, in addition to sending him a lot of gifts so that he doesn't cooperate with Al-Sitri. So when al-Sitri went to Shiraz, the ruler of that area did not meet with him and did not look upon what al-Sitri wanted to tell him. Al-Sitri died fourth months later.[2]

A prominent member of Bahrain's royal family, Sheikh Ahmed ibn Muhammad Al Khalifa, scrutinized Bahrain's Shias, referring to them as "the sons of Shubar", in a poem critical of the 1990s uprising.[3]


He wrote some works on Islamic (Shi’ite) jurisprudence, creed and other Islamic topics, which include:


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