Shoulder Arms (1939 film)

Shoulder Arms
Directed by Jürgen von Alten
Written by Wolfgang Marken (novel)
Kurt E. Walter
Starring F.W. Schröder-Schrom
Rolf Mobius
Rudi Godden
Carsta Löck
Music by Felix Glessmer
Hanson Milde-Meissner
Cinematography Phil Jutzi
Edited by Willy Zeunert
Distributed by Various
Release dates
7 December 1939
Running time
97 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Shoulder Arms (German:Das Gewehr über) is a 1939 German drama film directed by Jürgen von Alten and starring F.W. Schröder-Schrom, Rolf Mobius and Rudi Godden. It was based on a novel by Wolfgang Marken. The film's German title refers to a word of command in the German drill book.

A German emigrant to Australia becomes concerned that his son has been too strongly influenced by the democratic, permissive attitudes of the country and decides to send him back to Germany for military service. While his son at first resents and resists his new lifestyle, he is eventually converted to the cause of Nazi Germany.[1]

The film was made as a piece of propaganda to support the policies of the Nazi regime. It was one of a growing number of films of the late 1930s that were hostile towards life in the British Empire on the eve of the Second World War.



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