Shintetsu Arima Line

The Arima Line (神戸電鉄有馬線 Kōbe Dentetsu Arima-sen) is a commuter railway line in Kobe, Japan operated by Kobe Electric Railway. It connects central Kobe with its northern suburbs in Kita-ku and Arima Onsen.

The line is 22.5 kilometres (14.0 mi) long, extending from Minatogawa in Hyogo-ku to Arima Onsen in Kita-ku, although all trains continue past Minatogawa to Shinkaichi via the Kobe Rapid Transit Railway Namboku Line (Kobe Kosoku Line).

Service is divided at Arimaguchi, where most trains from Shinkaichi continue on the Sanda Line, with short-run trains operating between Arimaguchi and Arima Onsen, the line terminus.


The entire line opened in 1928, 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge and electrified at 1500 VDC.

The Mitogawa - Arimaguchi section was duplicated between 1965 and 1966.

Former connecting lines

Arima Onsen station - The 12km line to Sanda on the Fukuchiyama Line was operated by the Arima Railway Co. from 1915 to 1943.


Station number Station km from Minatogawa Local
Rapid Express
Special Rapid Express
Connections Location
Kobe Kosoku Line
KB01 Shinkaichi 新開地 0.4 S S S S S Hanshin-Hankyu Kobe Kosoku Line(Tozai Line) (HS 36) Hyogo-ku, Kobe
Arima Line
KB02 Minatogawa 湊川 0.0 S S S S S Kobe Subway Seishin-Yamate Line (S06: Minatogawa Koen Station) Hyogo-ku, Kobe
KB03 Nagata 長田 1.9 S S | | Nagata-ku, Kobe
KB04 Maruyama 丸山 2.6 S | | |
KB05 Hiyodorigoe 鵯越 3.6 S | | | Hyogo-ku, Kobe
- Kikusuiyama
菊水山 4.6 | | | | Kita-ku, Kobe
KB06 Suzurandai 鈴蘭台 7.5 S S S S S Ao Line
KB07 Kita-Suzurandai 北鈴蘭台 9.4 S S S S
KB08 Yamanomachi 山の街 10.3 S S S S
KB09 Minotani 箕谷 12.0 S S |
KB10 Tanigami 谷上 13.7 S S S S Hokushin Kyuko Hokushin Line (S01)
KB11 Hanayama 花山 15.4 S S |
KB12 Oike 大池 17.1 S S S
KB13 Shintetsu Rokko 神鉄六甲 18.1 S S |
KB14 Karatodai 唐櫃台 18.9 S S S
KB15 Arimaguchi 有馬口 20.0 S S S Sanda Line (through trains)
KB16 Arima Onsen 有馬温泉 22.5 S S
Through section (except Kobe Kosoku Line)

from Suzurandai
Local, Semi-express, Express (all), Rapid express (all) - to Ao on the Ao Line
from Arimaguchi
Local, Semi-express, Express (all), Special rapid express (all) - to Sanda on the Sanda Line

Abolished stations
Shin-yu Yaba (神有耶馬) - located between Hiyodorigoe and Suzurandai, abolished on February 15, 1939.
Shin-Arima (新有馬) - located between Arimaguchi and Arima Onsen, suspended on June 15, 1965, and abolished on February 28, 2013.


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