Shigi Line

Shigi Line train seen between Kawachi-Yamamoto and Hattorigawa, May 2007

The Shigi Line (信貴線 Shigi-sen) is a railway line in Japan operated by the private railway operator Kintetsu. The line connects Kawachi-Yamamoto Station and Shigisanguchi Station. The entire line is located in the city of Yao, and is 2.8 km long. At Kawachi-Yamamoto, the line connects to the Osaka Line, and at Shigisan-guchi, to the Nishi-Shigi Cable Line.[1] The line opened in 1930, and has a ruling gradient of 4% (1 in 25), the steepest of any Kintetsu line.


Kawachi-Yamamoto Station - Hattorigawa Station - Shigisanguchi Station



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