Shida Night Market

Shida Night Market is a small night market located closest to the Taipower Building Station on the Taipei metro. It is located near National Taiwan Normal University, whose name in Chinese is pronounced phonetically as Shida.

Shida night market was formerly a very popular night market given its unique shops, restaurants and fashionable clothing stores. However, as the area Shida night market occupied was close to Taiwan Normal University, it has always been a place that many intellectuals called home. As a result, the neighborhood is decidedly more cultured than your typical neighborhood in Taipei. Due to resident complaints regarding the noise, trash and people the night market attracted to the area, as well as government rezoning efforts, Shida night market is now much smaller than it used to be.[1]

Even though it is much smaller, Shida night market still retains its unique feel compared to other night markets.


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