Sheldon College

Sheldon College

Love, Laughter and Learning
Redlands, Queensland
Australia Australia
Coordinates 27°34′13″S 153°14′3″E / 27.57028°S 153.23417°E / -27.57028; 153.23417Coordinates: 27°34′13″S 153°14′3″E / 27.57028°S 153.23417°E / -27.57028; 153.23417
Type Independent, mixed-gender, day school
Established 1997
Founder Dr Lyn Bishop
Principal Dr Lyn Bishop
Employees 200+
Years offered Early Learning-Yr 12
Enrolment 1500[1]
Campus Sheldon
Entrance, 2014

Sheldon College is a private day school located in Sheldon in Redland City, Queensland, Australia. The school admits students from 15 months of age through to Grade 12.[2]


Lyn Bishop first entered the Education industry as a classroom teacher. She became Principal of Alexandra Hills State High School, then Deputy Executive of Education Queensland, before starting up a school at Sheldon in 1997. Beginning with a staff of 6 and approximately 100 students, Sheldon College has become one of the largest schools in Redland City.[3]


The layout of Sheldon College currently includes: Junior and Senior Learning Centres (libraries); the Convention and Entertainment Centre, a multi-purpose venue encompassing conference rooms and sporting facilities;[4] and the LINQ Precinct (Learning and Innovation for a New Queensland) study and teaching facility.[5]

Australian School of the Arts

Founded and run by Sheldon College since 2006, the Australian School of the Arts (ASTA) conducts vocal, instrumental, performance, media, and visual art studies at the College campus. School musicals, held at the Redland Performing Arts Centre,[6] are an annual highlight of this program.

In sport, under partnership with Triathlon Australia, Sheldon College has become a Triathlon School of Excellence[7] and a State Performance Centre.[8]

Academically, the school is a regular competitor at the Australian Space Design Competition, having won four straight national titles from 2011-2015. Sheldon has also represented the Australian national team participating in the International Space Settlement Design Competition from 2012-2014, being part of the winning team, Rockdonnell in 2012.[9]

Through its Australian School of the Arts, 62 Sheldon College instrumentalists performed as part of the concert band at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.[10] A number of artists, including jazz musician James Morrison, beatboxer Joel Turner, and singer-songwriter Mark Sholtez have held concerts and workshops at the school.[11][12] Student exchange programs have been established with Elmhurst College, Chicago, and the Osaka School of Music.


Clint Acworth made national headlines during his 2011-2012 enrolment as a Sheldon College teacher. The school received significant negative publicity due to Acworth's online claims, lying about salary, occupation, and his partner's identity and death. All of this was unknown to Sheldon College at the time of his employment.[13][14]

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