Hiran Minar
Coordinates: 31°42′54″N 73°59′06″E / 31.715°N 73.985°E / 31.715; 73.985Coordinates: 31°42′54″N 73°59′06″E / 31.715°N 73.985°E / 31.715; 73.985
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Sheikhupura
  Total 5,960 km2 (2,300 sq mi)
Elevation 236 m (774 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Union councils 51

Sheikhupura (Urdu: شَيخُوپُورہ) (Punjabi: شیخاپورا) is an industrial city of "The Rice Valley" of Subcontinent and capital of Sheikhupura District in the province of Punjab about 40 km northwest of Lahore in Pakistan.[1] It is the 16th largest city of Pakistan.[2]

The name of the town and its fort was changed by him to Sheikhupura from earlier Virkgarh, deriving from a nickname of Jahangir, who was known as Sheikhu by his father Akbar the Great.[3] The city is the headquarters of Sheikhupura District.

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