Severino Cavalcanti

Severino Cavalcanti

Severino José Cavalcanti Ferreira (born December 18, 1930) is a Brazilian politician, born in João Alfredo, Pernambuco. He is currently a member of the Progressive Party, despite having changed parties eight times in his career. He was the mayor of João Alfredo, a member of the Pernambuco State Assembly and a federal congressman.

In 2005, he ran for the presidency of Brazilian chamber of deputies, thinking that the official candidate of the Lula government, Luís Eduardo Greenhalgh, would win. However, because of the internal crisis of the government at the time, Cavalcanti was able to take the post.

On September 21, 2005, he resigned from his position as federal deputy, and his position as President of the House was taken over provisionally by the Vice-President of the House José Thomaz Nonô.[1]

In October 2008, he was elected as mayor of João Alfredo.[2]


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