For the submerged reef between Nicaragua and Jamaica, see Serranilla Bank.

A serranilla is a genre of short poem in Spanish literature which focus on commonplace subjects, the best known authors of which were Juan Ruiz also known as the Arcipreste de Hita (Por la ruta serrana del Arcipreste) and Íñigo López de Mendoza, 1st Marquis of Santillana.[1][2][3]


  1. La Corónica -1996 Volume 25 - Page ".. rival Anton in the very organization of the poetic space. Structured around an estribillo, the serranilla is composed of an opening three lines, ABA, built into three ensuing stanzas of seven lines: ABA, CDDCABA, EFFEABA, and GHHGABA.
  2. Abraham Quintanar -From the Occitan Pastorella to the Castilian Serranilla 2002
  3. The Marqués de Santillana David William Foster - 1971 - Volume 154 - Page 121 "Again, the Serranilla is single-minded in its attention to one impelling motif, although the concluding stanza in the case of the IVth poem serves for a fuller characterization of that motif. Serranilla VI is perhaps the most famous and most ..."
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