Serra de la Vall de la Torre

Serra de la Vall

Serra de La Vall rising behind Benissanet
Highest point
Elevation 450.8 m (1,479 ft)
Coordinates 41°4′47.93″N 0°31′19.34″E / 41.0799806°N 0.5220389°E / 41.0799806; 0.5220389Coordinates: 41°4′47.93″N 0°31′19.34″E / 41.0799806°N 0.5220389°E / 41.0799806; 0.5220389
Serra de la Vall

Ribera d'Ebre (Catalonia)

Parent range Catalan Pre-Coastal Range
Mountain type Limestone
Easiest route Drive from Benissanet

Serra de la Vall de la Torre, also known as Serra de la Vall,[1] is a mountain range located at the southern end of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range, Catalonia, Spain.[2] The ridge's highest point is 450.8 m. This mountain range lies within the Benissanet and Corbera d'Ebre municipal term. It is a smaller and lower northern prolongation of the Serra de Cavalls.

In the valley formed between this range and the Serra de Cavalls there is an ancient castle known as Torre de la Vall.[3]

Recent history

These mountains, along with Serra de Pàndols and Serra de Cavalls further south, as well as the Serra de la Fatarella in the north, were the scenario of bloody battles during the Battle of the Ebro in the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 39). The Ebro Battle was also the last action of the International Brigades, who were withdrawn midway through it.[4]

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