Serra de Llaberia

Serra de Llaberia

View of Mont-redon's massive karstic cliffs
Highest point
Elevation 918.3 m (3,013 ft)
Coordinates 41°5′23″N 0°51′54″E / 41.08972°N 0.86500°E / 41.08972; 0.86500Coordinates: 41°5′23″N 0°51′54″E / 41.08972°N 0.86500°E / 41.08972; 0.86500
Serra de Llaberia

Catalonia, Spain

Location Baix Camp & Ribera d'Ebre, (Catalonia)
Parent range Catalan Pre-Coastal Range
Mountain type Karstic
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route From Fatges or Tivissa

Serra de Llaberia is a mountain chain in Catalonia, Spain located between the Prades and the Tivissa-Vandellòs Mountains.

It is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. The main peaks are Mola de Llaberia (918.3 m), La Miranda (918 m) and Mont-redon (864 m).[1]

This mountain range is named after Llaberia village, now a ghost town within the Tivissa municipal term. The Serra de Montalt mountain range is a subrange of the main Llaberia range.

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