Serafino Secchi

Serafino Secchi (died 1628) was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1612 to 1628.


Serafino Secchi was from Pavia and a member of the Dominican Order.[1] Immediately before being elected master at the chapter of 1612, he had been the procurator general of the previous master, Agostino Galamini.[1] At the chapter of 1612, Philip III of Spain pushed for a Spanish candidate for master, but the chapter nevertheless chose Secchi, another Italian.[1]

While he was master, the French nicknamed him "Le Sec" (The Dry One) because of his good memory and attention to detail.[1] During his mastership, all non-Dominicans were barred from preaching in Dominican churches.[1] He created special courses on preaching for the first time in the order's history.[1] He forbade any member of the order to appeal to the Holy See without having first appealed a case to the order's procurator general.[1]

He died in 1628.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Agostino Galamini
Master of the Order of Preachers
Succeeded by
Niccolò Ridolfi

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