Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura
Genre Action
Senran Kagura Spark!
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Famitsu Comic Clear
Original run August 19, 2011February 17, 2012
Volumes 1
Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows
Written by Kenichirō Takaki
Illustrated by Amami Takatsume
Published by Media Factory
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Monthly Comic Alive
Original run August 27, 2011 – present
Volumes 3
Senran Kagura: Guren no Uroboros
Illustrated by Manabu Aoi
Published by Ichijinsha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comic Rex
Original run September 27, 2011July 27, 2013
Volumes 3
Senran Kagura: Senshi Bankō no Haruka
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Famitsu Comic Clear
Original run September 7, 2012February 1, 2013
Volumes 1
Senran Enji Kyonyū-gumi
Illustrated by Hikage Asahina
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Famitsu Comic Clear
Original run September 7, 2012February 1, 2013
Volumes 1
Anime television series
Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash!
Directed by Takashi Watanabe
Produced by Muneyuki Kanbe
Shinsaku Tanaka
Written by Takao Yoshioka
Music by Ruka Kawada
Studio Animation Studio Artland
Licensed by
Network AT-X, Tokyo MX
English network
Original run January 6, 2013 March 24, 2013
Episodes 12 + 6 Specials
Senran Kagura: New Wave
Developer Tamsoft
Publisher Marvelous AQL
Genre Social network game
Platform iOS, Android
  • JP: February 28, 2013
Senran Kagura Bon Appétit!
Developer Meteorise
Genre Cooking/Rhythm
Platform PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows
  • JP: March 20, 2014
  • NA: November 11, 2014
  • PAL: November 12, 2014
Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
Developer Tamsoft
Genre Action, side-scrolling
Platform Nintendo 3DS
  • JP: August 7, 2014
  • NA: September 15, 2015
  • PAL: August 27, 2015[1]
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Developer Tamsoft
Genre Action
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
  • JP: March 26, 2015[2]
  • NA: March 15, 2016
  • PAL: March 18, 2016
Original video animation
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits
Directed by Shigeru Ueda
Written by Yukinori Kitajima
Music by Ruka Kawada
Studio Hoods Entertainment
Released March 24, 2015
Runtime 30 minutes
Video games

Senran Kagura (閃乱カグラ) is a video game series developed by Tamsoft and produced by Marvelous Entertainment. The franchise revolves around groups of female ninjas, and has received several manga adaptations. A television anime adaptation produced by Artland aired in Japan between January and March 2013.[3] The anime has been licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America.

By August 2015, worldwide sales for the games in the series had passed one million copies.[4]

Video games

Senran Kagura: Shōjo-tachi no Shinei and Senran Kagura Burst

Main article: Senran Kagura Burst

The first game in the series, Senran Kagura: Shōjo-tachi no Shin'ei (閃乱カグラ -少女達の真影-, Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows), is a side scrolling game with playable ninja characters that was released in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on September 22, 2011. The sequel, Senran Kagura Burst (閃乱カグラ Burst), consisted of the original game and an extra story line. It was released in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on August 30, 2012 and was later released digitally on the Nintendo eShop on January 10, 2013.[5] Producer Kenichiro Takaki considers the core games to be those that appear on the Nintendo 3DS.[6]

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: Shōjo-tachi no Shōmei (閃乱カグラ SHINOVI VERSUS -少女達の証明-) is the sequel to Senran Kagura Burst.[7] It featured an expanded playable character roster,[8] as well as an online multiplayer mode.[9] The game was released in Japan for the PlayStation Vita on February 28, 2013, in North America on October 14, 2014, and in Europe on October 15, 2014.[9]

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is a 3D side-scrolling action game made for the 3DS, and was developed by the same team which created Senran Kagura Burst.[10] Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson was released in Japan on August 7, 2014, for Nintendo 3DS.[11] The game was released in North America, Europe, and Australia via digital and limited physical copies in August through September 2015.[1]


The game makes use of the stereoscopic 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS for some of its erotic elements.

New gameplay is included in the form of pair battles, which allows a second character, to which the player can give commands, to fight alongside the player's character.[12]

The playable characters in the game are customizable. Outfits, accessory size and position, and hair color can be changed to the player's liking. Augmented reality functionality was also included in the game. The playable characters could be posed against a real-life background in a variety of poses.[13]


The sequel improved on the original, by enhancing breast physics and clothing destruction, introducing the first playable male character, and allowing for pair battles.[12] Daidouji and Rin, two characters that had originally appeared in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus as downloadable content, were part of the regular playable character roster in the game.[14]

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson was part of a cross-promotion deal with Umaibo ("delicious stick" in Japanese), a Japanese brand of corn puff snacks, in which the game's playable characters appeared on the brand's product packaging.[15]

The limited edition, named the “Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack”, included the following extras: a special collectors box; five-figurines of the Homura Crimson Squad, characters in the game; a Drama CD; a soundtrack CD; and limited edition original packaging.[16]

European version

The European version of the game was launched on 27 August 2015. Limited editions include the 'Happy Boobs' edition with two audio CDs, poster and certificate, and the 'Shinobi Edition' which comes with an 'oppai' mouse pad with 3D breasts, and decorative wall scroll.

Marvelous Europe took the unusual step of selling physical versions and limited editions of the game exclusively via its own webstore and Amazon Marketplace store, bypassing traditional retail channels.

Senran Kagura: New Wave

Senran Kagura: New Wave is a card battling game available on Android and iOS devices in Japan. The game's popularity resulted in a crossover promotion with DrawGirls, a Korean picture discovery mobile game in which the player draws a cursor across the screen to reveal pieces of a picture.[17][18][19]

Senran Kagura Bon Appétit!

Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! is a rhythm cooking game available for the PlayStation Vita, in which the goal is to win a cooking competition.[20] The game was released on the PlayStation Store on November 11, 2014 for North America,[21] and on November 12, 2014 for Europe.[22]


In the game, Master Hanzo convinces the shinobi warriors of Senran Kagura to cook for him by holding a cooking competition, with first prize being a Secret Ninja Art Scroll which grants one wish.[21]


Tapping along with the music can create combos, and the more combos the better the food created in the game is.[23] The game consists of 10 levels, equating to 10 dishes that must be created. Every other level reveals more of the player's shinobi character's story.[21] All of the character and costume DLC from Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Is compatible with Senran Kagura Bon Appétit!.[21]


Downloadable content (DLC), the "Gessen x Hebijo DLC pack", is available. It provides extra levels (dishes to create) and a free soundtrack app that features songs from the game.[21]

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus was released on March 26, 2015 in Japan.[24] The game was released in North America on March 15, 2016 and Europe on March 18, 2016.

Estival Versus has two special editions, one for the PlayStation 4, and one for the PlayStation Vita. The editions are called the Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack Premium, and contained: a copy of the game; a special collectors box; a product code for Senran Kagura: Estival Versus—Eve Full of Swimsuits, a 30-minute original video animation (OVA) featuring 20 of the game's characters; a Drama CD; a soundtrack CD; and mini figurines. The only difference between the two editions are which set of figurines they contain, and what tracks are on each Drama CD. The Vita special edition contains figurines of characters from the Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy, while the PlayStation 4 edition contains figurines from the Gessen Girls’ Private School. The first-print run of the collectors editions also contained a bonus 2-CD set of the game’s soundtrack, and a visual book.[25]

The game sold 44,548 physical retail copies on the PlayStation Vita in addition to 30,247 physical copies on the PlayStation 4 within the first week of release in Japan.[26]

The game features DLC guest characters, the first of whom was the Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden series' Ayane. Included in this wave of DLC was Ayane's kimono along with the trademark blue kunoichi costume of Kasumi[27] in a mash-up collab with Marvelous. In return, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round featured a costume set where the females are dressed as Senran Kagura characters and were even breakable on PlayStation 4/Xbox One versions of the game. Ayane in this set is dressed as Yagyū. Besides Ayane, three characters from Ikki Tousen, Hakufu Sonsaku, Uncho Kan'u and Housen Ryofu also appeared as the last three guest characters. Due to licensing issues, the Ikki Tousen characters will not appear in Western versions of the game.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is an upcoming water gun third-person shooter for the PlayStation 4. It features over 30 girls whom play on teams.[28] Peach Beach Splash will be released on March 16, 2017 in Japan and also in "Western and Asian" territories, though release dates for the latter have yet to be confirmed.[29]


The main characters from Senran Kagura Burst. Clockwise from right: Hibari, Yagyū, Katsuragi, Ikaruga, Asuka, Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, Haruka

Hanzō Academy

The main characters of the first game and the anime. Hanzō Academy (国立半蔵学院 Kokuritsu Hanzō Gakuin) was originally created by the Japanese Government in order to counter other ninjas hired by corporations and politicians to further their ambitions. Also known as the "Light Faction", where only the good are accepted; this means that only individuals with a clean record, i.e. has not killed anyone, can enroll.

Asuka (飛鳥)
Voiced by: Hitomi Harada (Japanese); Felecia Angelle (English)
The main character, she is a second year who barely passed the promotion exam. She wants to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and become a great ninja. She's an upbeat person, though she is naive at times and has a fear of frogs, which is (unfortunately) also her family's summon animal. Her weapons of choice are the Ninjatō passed down from her grandfather, and the element her attacks most use are Earth-based.
Ikaruga (斑鳩)
Voiced by: Asami Imai (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)
A third year, she is mature and supportive and takes her duty as a ninja very seriously. However, she sometimes loses her composure and acts more naturally. She is an adopted daughter of a wealthy ninja family, however she was chosen to be the next head of her family over her stepbrother, who is a failure as a ninja. Her summoning animal is the Chinese Phoenix, her weapon of choice is Hien, a nodachi passed down to her by her adopted Father (Voiced by: Jin Yamanoi (Japanese); Brian Mathis (English)), and the element her attacks use most often is Fire.
Katsuragi (葛城)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)
A third year, she is the perverted member of the group, who loves to fondle other characters' breasts but seems especially fond of Asuka's. Her summoning animal is the dragon, and her weapon of choice is a pair of gold-plated greaves, through which she channel the power of Wind. She is fighting to prove herself the strongest and re-establish the honor of her family, which was lost when they failed a mission and had to choose between suicide or running away without their daughter. In Shinovi Versus, it is revealed that her parents were assigned to assassinate Kurokage but were unable to bring themselves to do so and chose to abandon Katsuragi and live a life on the run.
Yagyū (柳生 Yagyū)
Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)
A first year, she is a ninja prodigy and cares very much for Hibari, whom she supports the most and vows to protect at all costs. She wears an eye patch over her right eye and carries an umbrella (with various weapons hidden within) at all times. Her summoning animal is the giant squid, and correspondingly her attacks typically incorporate Water or Ice elements. She used to have a little sister, who died in a car accident years ago, and whom Hibari looks especially like, which is why she is initially attracted to her. In Shinovi Versus, Yagyū tells Shiki she wears her eyepatch for no other reason than to honor the memory of her late sister, but in gameplay videos of Estival Versus, Yagyū's desperation attack reveals what appears to be either energy tendrils or an actual Lovecraftian monster beneath the eyepatch.
Hibari (雲雀)
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English)
A first year of the group, she is very childish and clumsy and loves cute and sweet things. She is also really close to Yagyū, whom she says she loves, though the type of affection is unclear. Her summoning animal is a large pink rabbit, and her elemental affinity is typically Lightning. Though initially shown as the only character without a tragic or bloodstained backstory, she reveals in Shinovi Versus that she did not want to be a shinobi at all but was guilted into it when her family's bloodline ability, Kagan, manifested as the pink flowers we see in her eyes, hence her appearance to always be a step behind her classmates and other characters.
Kiriya-sensei (霧夜)
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese); Philip Weber (English)
The girls' ninja teacher. He has a habit of appearing in a puff of smoke. He trained Rin when she was a member of the Light Faction.
Daidoji-senpai (大道寺 Daidōji)
Voiced by: Yu Asakawa (Japanese); Martha Harms (English)
A ninja who was two years junior to Rin. She vowed not to graduate until she defeated her former senpai. She is always followed by a black cat, and her summoning animal is the Tiger. Despite her appearance in battle always using a male's school uniform and sporting black hair, she's a natural blonde and dresses conservatively.
Hanzō (半蔵)
Voiced by: Kanehira Yamamoto (Japanese); Bill Brooks (English)
Asuka's grandfather and founder of the academy, who was once a great ninja. He has since retired and now owns a sushi restaurant. He always gives Asuka oversized sushi rolls for lunch which she with other girls enjoy. At times his words sounds a bit like a slight pervert as his face becomes red just by mentioning to himself that there is nothing better than watching a cute girl eating sushi rolls

Homura Crimson Squad

The main rivals of Skirting Shadows and main characters of Crimson Girls. As of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, they have broken off from Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy and formed their own unit, the Homura Crimson Squad (焔紅蓮隊 Homura Guren-tai).

Homura ()
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
A second year, the leader of Homura Gurentai, and the main character in Senran Kagura Burst. She fights with three katanas in each hand, brandished like Wolverine's claws, and would appear to use Fire elements in her attacks. It is revealed in episode nine that she was supposed to enroll in Hanzō Academy, but she killed someone, and Hanzō Academy only accepts those with clean records. The person she killed is in turn revealed to be an evil ninja who attacked her when she was still a middle-school student. Despite doing it in self-defense, she was banished from her family for it anyway.
Yomi ()
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Trina Nishimura (English)
Yomi is a calm and somewhat slow girl, who also has a darker side. She's also obsessed with bean sprouts and puts them in almost everything she cooks. Her obsession stems from her youth, as she and her parents lived in the slums filled with poverty and hunger. Her parents died from malnutrition, and she considers bean sprouts to be good food for the poor to live on. She fights with a huge claymore and wrist-mounted crossbows.
Hikage (日影)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese); Kara Edwards (English)
A mysterious, snake-like girl who tries not to show any emotion. In the anime, it is told that she was raised to be a killing machine, while in game it's revealed she grew up on the streets and was adopted by a female gang leader named Hinata, who was killed in a fight some time afterward. She fights using various knives stored in her gauntlets.
Mirai (未来)
Voiced by: Saori Gotō (Japanese); Lara Woodhull (English)
A first year, and the smallest girl of the group, she carries an umbrella like Yagyū and has an eyepatch over her other eye. She fights using various firearms hidden in her dress and umbrella. She used to be bullied in her old school and came to the dark faction so she could fight against bullies.
Haruka (春花)
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese); Teri Rogers (English)
The scientist of the group, she has a fascination with creating puppets and mixing potions that toy with people's inhibitions. She fights by using a floating robot wearing her lab coat, in which all manner of weapons are hidden, as well as a vast repertoire of exploding chemical vials. She is mentally twisted due her past, when her mother used to use Haruka as her dress-up doll.
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori (Japanese); Lydia Mackay (English)
The girls' ninja teacher of Homura Gurentai during Senran Kagura Burst. She was formerly called Suzune and was a student of Hanzō Academy until she faked her own death due to a failed mission. In Shinovi Versus, it was revealed that her first mission was to clear out a den of Youma, but they proved too powerful and wiped out her entire team, leaving her as the sole survivor where she was found by a group of evil shinobi and nursed back to health. Her goal when young was to become a "super ninja."

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

The Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy (秘立蛇女子学園 Hiritsu Hebi Joshi Gakuen, lit. Hidden Serpent Girls' Academy), also known as the "Dark Faction", is the rival school to Hanzō Academy. Here everybody is accepted, hence the quote, "The darkness accepts all."

Miyabi (雅緋)
Voiced by: Hiromi Hirata
A third year of the group. Her weapon of choice is the Seven-Pronged Demon Blade, and her elemental affinity is Darkness or Black Fire. Her mother was brutally killed by a youma (a monster that only ninjas can defeat) in front of her when she was a child. She dislikes when people confuse her for a handsome man.
Murasaki ()
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
Imu's sister. She never attends school, making her the first truant in Hebijo Academy. She has the largest breasts in the series so far, and her weapon of choice is a large Shuriken.
Imu (忌夢)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō
A third year of the group, Miyabi's childhood friend, and Murasaki's older sister. Her weapon of choice is a Staff, and her elemental affinity is Lightning. She used to obsess over Miyabi to the point that Murasaki developed a complex and became a shut-in.
Ryobi (両備 Ryōbi)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa
Transfer Student from Shijuku Gessen Jogakkan. Her weapon of choice is the sniper rifle. Ryobi is a serious sadist that is motivated to hurt people, especially Ryona.
Ryona (両奈 Ryōna)
Voiced by: MAKO
Transfer Student from Shijuku Gessen Jogakkan, and Ryobi's twin sister. She wields a unique pair of handguns in combat. She's incredibly masochist, to the point of upsetting even Ryobi.

Gessen Girls' Academy

Yumi (雪泉)
Voiced by: Yumi Hara
A third-year student of the group. Her parents are killed after encountering a ninja, and raised by Hanzō's rival afterwards. Her weapons are a pair of fans and her summoning animal is the snow spider. Her name means "snowy spring" in Japanese, which may have subconsciously contributed to her cool personality and fighting style.
Murakumo ()
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto
A third-year student. Murakumo is a shy girl that always wears her own special, demonic mask during combat. When her mask inevitably does come off, she has a very shy and introverted personality, getting so nervous that she stammers and stutters, on nearly every syllable. She'll use anything she can get her hands on (even a garbage bag) to hide her face from the world in these situations Her preferred weaponry is a large cleaver and a snake-styled spear, and her summoning animal is a pack of wolves.
Yozakura (夜桜)
Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara
A second-year student. Though she's typically serious and humorless, she's quick to fly into rage when things go awry, at which point her hometown accent comes out with a vengeance. She disapproves of twisted or warped things, nor things that get hot. Yozakura is the oldest of 12 brother and sisters, and her mother died in a battle as shinobi when she was 8 years old and her father died a year later as shinobi, too. After his death, Yozakura was separated from her relatives. Her weapon is a pair of piston-powered gloves that enlarge during combat, maximizing the damage dealt.
Shiki (四季)
Voiced by: Ayano Yamamoto
A first-year student and the youngest in the series. She speaks with a high-spirited valley girl accent and has a lot of friends outside of her shinobi team. Despite her appearance, she's someone her classmates can always count on during training. She is seen mostly with her phone. Like Yumi, her parents were killed, but unlike in her case, Shiki's parents died in the line of duty as shinobi. Her preferred weapon is a two-headed scythe, and she can summon a bat swarm during combat.
Minori (美野里)
Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi
A first-year student, she is very childish despite her age and loves to play around, being a simple-minded child. Yozakura diligently tries to discipline/teach her manners. She uses a frying pan and bucket as her weapons.

Other characters

Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese); Phil Parsons (English)
A primary antagonist who originally appeared as an unnamed investor of Hebijo Academy, however in Burst he was named and drove Hanzo and Hebijo into conflict in order to summon a huge Youma: Orochi. Afterwards he was seemingly killed by Homura, however in Deep Crimson he returned and summoned countless Youma to terrorize Kyoto later even becoming a Youma himself. The reason he did this was to cause Kagura to fully awaken so he could steal her power but he was later annihilated by Kagura along with True Orochi.
Naraku (奈楽)
Voiced by: Yuuko Kaida
A descendant of the Goshin Clan, she was chosen to be the priestess and protector of the Reincarnation Sphere until Kagura emerges after which she becomes the guardian of Kagura and her only protector from Youma. Her only wish is to see Kagura fully awaken. She fights with flails attached to her feet which she has the power to change their size.
Kagura (かぐら, 神楽)
Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka
A unique and eternal being that reincarnates every 100 years to eradicate Youma. Records of her date back 900 years. She changes form and gains power from eating Red Orbs left behind from defeated Youma until she fully awakens. In her fully Awakened form as True Kagura, she has the ability to instantly smite any Yōma. She has total mastery of spatial manipulation and could even flip the world upside down. Once awakened she can only defeat a certain amount of Youma before going dormant again within the Reincarnation Sphere. She views Naraku as her only true friend.
Murasame (村雨)
Voiced by: Kanehira Yamamoto (video game), Hiroki Yasumoto (anime) (Japanese); Scott Freeman (English)
Ikaruga's adoptive older brother. He is a failure as a ninja and so was passed over to be the future head of the family. He once tried to steal Hien but proved to be outclassed by Ikaruga. However, he is a brilliant businessman, a quality he did not know that his father also recognised, and ends up running the family's business empire.
Ryoki (両姫)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
The deceased sister of Ryōbi and Ryōna. During the Estival Versus, she was revived by Sayuri and her company during the special Kagura Festival. When the halo on her head is touched, it turns red and a ruder, more violent, delinquent-like personality appears and if stays until touched to change back.
Renka (蓮華)
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda
Eldest daughter of the Mikagura sisters, she and her sisters helped revive Ryoki, Ryobi and Ryona's older sister. She has the spirit of a true Tokyoite and dislikes effeminate and cutesy things. Her weapon is a Reitei.
Hanabi (華毘)
Voiced by: Sora Tokui
The middle child among the Mikagura sisters, Hanabi acts and speaks just how she thinks. She uses a gigantic hammer.
Kafuru (華風流)
Voiced by: Shiori Izawa
The youngest of the Mikagura sisters. With her ability to use water to her advantage, Kafuru can annihilate a wide area foes. She can even summon her dolphin up in some of her ninja arts.
Voiced by: Reiko Suzuki (as Sayuri) and Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (as Jasmine)
Asuka's 81-year-old grandmother and Hanzo's wife. Her Shinobi Transformation allows her to take a younger form in which she is called Jasmine. She fights using a pipe and her summoning animal is the elephant.

Other media


There are currently five manga series based on the franchise. The main adaptation, written by Kenichirō Takaki and illustrated by Amami Takatsume, began serialization in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine from August 27, 2011. Seven Seas Entertainment will begin releasing the series in North America in November 2013 as Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows.[30] Senran Kagura: Guren no Uroboros, illustrated by Manabu Aoi, began serialization in Ichijinsha's Comic Rex magazine from September 27, 2011. Senran Kagura Spark! was published in Enterbrain's Famitsu Comic Clear between August 19, 2011 and February 17, 2012, followed by Senran Kagura: Senshi Bankō no Haruka and Senran Enji Kyonyū-gumi, both published between September 7, 2012 and February 1, 2013.


A television anime adaptation produced by Animation Studio Artland aired in Japan between January 6, 2013 and March 24, 2013. The series is directed by Takashi Watanabe with scripts by Takao Yoshioka and character designs by Takashi Torii.[31] The anime is licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment, who streamed the series as it aired and was released on home video in Summer 2014.[32][33]

Theme songs

Opening theme
Ending themes


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