Senior Olympics

This article is about a senior sport competition. For the Yes, Dear episode, see Senior Olympics (tv episode).

The National Senior Games or "Senior Olympics" is a sports competition for seniors from the United States. It is a multi-sport event specifically devoted to adults aged 50+ (events are divided into age groups with five years interval). It is composed of regional competitions held yearly in all American states. Every two years, a nationwide event is held in one state (the National Senior Olympics).

The first Senior Olympics took place in 1987 and attracted 2,500 people. Recent attendance (Louisville, 2007) had over 10,000 competitors and 20,000 spectators, with oldest competitors being over 100 years old.

This national event is supported by the National Senior Games Association.

The World Senior Games is an international senior sports competition begun in 1987. The 27 athletic events were held in Southern Utah begin with the torch lighting in traditional Olympic fashion during the Opening Ceremonies. The "Huntsman World Senior World Games" is now an event for serious athletes from various countries.

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