Semi Koroilavesau

Semi Tuleca Koroilavesau (born 1958)[1] is a Fijian politician and Member of the Parliament of Fiji. He is a member of the FijiFirst party.

Koroilavesau grew up in Nalotu in Kadavu Province.[2] He was educated at Yawe District primary school, Richmond High School, and Lelean Memorial School.[2] After sixth form, he joined the Fijian Navy as an officer cadet.[2] In his military career he reached the rank of Commander. In 1988 he started a tourism company, Captain Cook Cruises,[1] and in 2003 retired from the Navy to manage it.[2]

Koroilavesau was elected in the 2014 election, in which he won 1,611 votes.[3]


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