Selli, Rethymno

Coordinates: 35°17′N 24°31′E / 35.29°N 24.52°E / 35.29; 24.52Coordinates: 35°17′N 24°31′E / 35.29°N 24.52°E / 35.29; 24.52
Country Greece
Administrative region Crete
Regional unit Rethymno
Municipality Rethymno
Municipal unit Rethymno
  Population 184 (2011)
  Area (km2) 13.205
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
  Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 74100
Area code(s) 28310
Vehicle registration ΡΕ

Selli (Greek: Σελλί Ρεθύμνης) is a small village community in Rethymno regional unit, Crete, Greece.

It is located in a distance of 17 km from the city of Rethymno in the foothills of Mount Vrysinas. The name comes from the Byzantine word σέλλα, σελλίν, σελλία, which means seat or saddle. In Crete the word has come to mean a mountain gap and all communities built there are called σελλιά or σελλί.

The community is first recorded in 1411. During the times of Turkish domination people from Selli helped in the revolts against Turkish rule.Some of them include Stylianos G. Giakoumakis,Ioannis G. Giakoumakis,Haralambos G. Andreadakis,Ioannis Emm. Giakoumakis,A.Giakoumakis,G.Vouloumpasis,A. Andreadakis,E. Giakoumakis.

Selli's population

1881 1900 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 199120012011
174 176 160 195 170 168 146 131 126 146 159 184


Book:O Vrysinas (Ο Βρύσινας) by author Mihalis Emm. Antonogiannakis (Μιχάλης Εμμ. Αντωνογιαννάκης)

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