Seducción (telenovela)

Genre Telenovela
Created by Enrique Jarnes
Written by Marc Rostand
Directed by Manolo García
Starring Maribel Guardia
Manuel Capetillo Jr.
Leonardo Daniel
Sergio Ramos "El Comanche"
Roxana Saucedo
Sergio Klainer
Irma Dorantes
Olivia Collins
Opening theme Instrumental by Guillermo Méndez Guiú
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
Executive producer(s) Francisco Burillo
Location(s) Acapulco, Mexico
Cinematography Gustavo Gavira
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release 1986 – 1986
Preceded by El engaño
Followed by Lista negra

Seducción (English title:Seduction) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Francisco Burillo for Televisa in 1986.[1] It is an original story of Enrique Jarnes, adapted by Marc Rostand and directed by Manolo García.

Maribel Guardia and Manuel Capetillo Jr. starred as protagonists, while Sergio Klainer starred as antagonist. Sergio Ramos "El Comanche", Leonardo Daniel and Olivia Collins starred as stellar performances.


In the beautiful port of Acapulco the story of two completely different families develops. The first one is formed by the widower Santiago and her daughters Marina and Lupita. He is a possessive father limiting their daughters denying the possibility of fulfillment in life, because it is outdated ideas and believes that women should only live devoted to family, home and children. The two girls suffer from authoritarianism and incomprehension of his father, especially the youngest, Lupita, whose father blames the death of his mother because she died at her birth.

The second family, meanwhile, is made by Alejandro and Virginia, who are divorcing because of the assurance that their marriage works not because of irreconcilable differences. They are the parents of Juan Carlos and Gabriela, intelligent young and focused, which were capable of absorbing the separation of their parents, although the latter are somewhat misplaced in life and therefore have not known how to be the best parents and spouses.

Julio is one of the protagonists of the story. He is a troubled young man who since childhood has dragged a family problem, which has become withdrawn and quiet. His only support is his best friend, Javier who is its antithesis: outgoing, womanizing playboy. He owns the hotel in Acapulco where the daughters of Santiago work. July and Javier go to a party organized by Alejandro on his yacht to celebrate her divorce, along with Isabel and Roxana, the first of Julio and the love that hides a scandalous past; and second the last conquest of Javier.

In turn Lupita and Marina are invited to the same party for Juan Carlos. July and Marina are known and are immediately attracted, but must fight against the opposition of Santiago and Isabel who is not willing to let go of Julio. Also is Benjamin, an unscrupulous gangster who will make your life checkered many characters and cause more conflict to the plot.


  • Maribel Guardia as Marina
  • Manuel Capetillo Jr. as Julio
  • Leonardo Daniel as Javier Fuentes
  • Sergio Ramos "El Comanche" as Santiago
  • Roxana Saucedo as Guadalupe "Lupita"
  • Sergio Klainer as Benjamín
  • Irma Dorantes as Virginia
  • Rubén Rojo as Alejandro
  • Ofelia Cano as Gabriela "Gaby"
  • Servando Manzetti as Juan Carlos
  • Angélica Chain as Roxana
  • Olivia Collins as Isabel
  • Raquel Morell as Mónica
  • Miguel Priego as Rubén
  • Manolo García as Arturo
  • Juan Eduardo as Rafael
  • Martha Ortiz as Verónica
  • Miguel Ángel Fuentes as Chaco
  • Myrrah Saavedra as Adriana
  • Constantino Costas as Saúl
  • Miguel Suárez as Alberto
  • Diana Ferretti as Alicia
  • Patricia Rivera as Dra. Marcia Robles
  • Darwin Solano as Torres
  • Tere Suárez as Betty
  • Jean Safont as Dr. Gordoa
  • Oscar Servin as Armenta
  • Gustavo Ganem as Raúl
  • Eduardo Borja as Supervisor
  • Gerardo Murguía
  • Nerina Ferrer
  • Nuria Bages


Year Award Category Nominee Result
19875th TVyNovelas AwardsBest Experienced ActorSergio Ramos "El Comanche"Nominated


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