Secretary for Economic Development and Labour

The Secretary for Economic Development and Labour (Chinese: 經濟發展及勞工局局長) was the head of the Economic Development and Labour Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong, which is responsible for economic development and labour issues in Hong Kong.

The position was created together with the introduction of Principal Officials Accountability System on July 1, 2002, by merging the positions of Secretary for Economic Services and the labour portfolio of Secretary for Education and Manpower. After POAS was introduced all secretaries are members of the Executive Council.

The position was abolished in 2007 when the Economic Developmentand Labour Bureau was abolished and its functions transferred to the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Transport and Housing Bureau, and the Labour and Welfare Bureau.

List of Secretaries

Preceded by:
Secretary for Education (Hong Kong) and Secretary for Economic Services
Secretary for Economic Development and Labour
Succeeded by:
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Secretary for Labour and Welfare

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