Zhou dynasty (690–705)

For other dynasties with the same name, see Zhou.
Zhou dynasty
Zhou Dynasty c. 700
Capital Luoyang
Languages Chinese
Religion Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion
Government Absolute Monarchy
   690–705 Wu Zetian
   Established by Wu Zetian 16 October 690
   Disestablished 22 February 705
  Empress Wu Zetian deposed in a coup 705
Currency Chinese coin, Chinese cash
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tang dynasty
Tang dynasty
Today part of  China

The Zhou Dynasty, also called the Second Zhou Dynasty or Restored Zhou Dynasty was a Chinese dynasty established by Wu Zetian in 690. The dynasty interrupted the Tang Dynasty until its abolishment in 705.

Its sole ruler was Wu Zhao, who took the name Wu Zetian upon her coronation.

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