Second Lubbers cabinet

The second Lubbers cabinet (1986-1989) was a continuation of the coalition of the right-wing political parties CDA and VVD. Its main aim was the continuation of the policy of cutting government spending. There was a large-scale revision of the welfare state and the public postal service was privatised. The cabinet fell due to a vote of the VVD faction in the parliament against the cut of travel costs.


Prime Minister
General Affairs
Ruud Lubbers CDA
Vice Prime Minister
Rudolf de Korte VVD
Foreign Affairs Hans van den Broek CDA
Justice Frits Korthals Altes VVD
Interior Affairs Kees van Dijk CDA
Jan de Koning CDA from February 3, 1987 until May 6, 1987 because of sick leave Kees van Dijk
Education and Sciences Wim Deetman CDA resigned September 15, 1989
Gerrit Braks CDA From September 15, 1989
Finance Onno Ruding CDA
Defense Wim van Eekelen VVD Resigned September 6, 1988
Piet Bukman CDA 6–23 September 1988
Frits Bolkestein VVD from September 24, 1988
Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment Ed Nijpels VVD
Transport and Water Neelie Smit-Kroes VVD
Agriculture and Fishery Gerrit Braks CDA
Social Affairs, Employment and Dutch Caribbean and Aruban Affairs Jan de Koning CDA
Louw de Graaf CDA from February 3, 1987 until May 6, 1987 because of sick leave Kees van Dijk - only the portfolio of Social Affairs
Welfare, Health and Culture Elco Brinkman CDA
Development Cooperation Piet Bukman CDA

State Secretaries

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