Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney (born May 21, 1959)[1] is a former World Wrestling Federation play-by-play announcer. He now works as an anchor for KVOA, the NBC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona. He was born in Rochester, New York.

WWF career

Mooney debuted on the May 15, 1988 edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge, replacing announcer Craig DeGeorge.[2]

During his time in the WWF, Mooney's primary duties included play-by-play announcing for matches aired on Prime Time Wrestling, WWF Mania, WWF All-American Wrestling, as host of Coliseum Video releases (where he also provided commentary for "exclusive" matches), and hosting the "Events Center" segment[3] during the WWF's syndicated TV shows, such as WWF Superstars and WWF Wrestling Challenge. The "Event Center" was a segment used to promote feuds and house shows. Mooney made his pay-per-view debut at the first SummerSlam in August 1988 as an interviewer.

On occasion, Mooney portrayed his fictional siblings, an identical twin sister named Betty on Prime Time Wrestling (alongside heel wrestlers including Sensational Sherri) and identical twin brother Ian Mooney while co-hosting Wrestling Spotlight. Mooney's last major appearances were at the 1992 Survivor Series and early episodes of WWF Monday Night Raw, with his actual last appearance on WWF TV as the host of the countdown show to WrestleMania IX. In April 1993, his contract expired and he opted not to renew it.[4] He was replaced by Todd Pettengill as an interviewer and Event Center personality and by Gorilla Monsoon on WWF Mania and WWF All-American Wrestling for play-by-play.

Later appearances

He reappeared on WWE TV for one time only in October 2005, during the pre-show to WWE Raw's "Homecoming" to the USA Network. The pre-show simply ran through some past moments of RAW on the USA Network, with several people involved with the WWE during the first years of Monday Night Raw, including Mooney, sharing their memories of the WWE during that period..

Mooney once again returned to WWE on July 23, 2012 for the 1,000th episode of Raw by interviewing Daniel Bryan backstage.

Mooney returned again on the “Old School” Editon of The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness.

Non-WWF career

Mooney worked as an on-camera host and producer for Major League Baseball Productions in the early 1980s before working for the WWF. Following this, he became an anchorman for WWOR-TV, based in Secaucus, New Jersey. He worked there until 1997, when he was replaced by Ernie Anastos. He moved that year to WBZ in Boston where he served as anchorman for just under a year.[5]

Mooney has been a reporter with Fox Sports Arizona since July 2000 focusing on University of Arizona football and basketball. In 2010, he presented Fox Sports coverage of Rugby around the world and the Rugbyville USA camp in Glendale, Colorado.

He was hired by KVOA TV in 2012 to become a weekend news anchor for News 4 Tucson.[6]


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