Sea Cadet Corps (Russia)

Sea Cadet Corps building in 2014

The Sea Cadet Corps (Russian: Морской кадетский корпус), occasionally translated as the Marine Cadet Corps or the Naval Cadet Corps, is an educational establishment for training Naval officers for the Russian Navy in Saint Petersburg.

It is the oldest existing high school in Russia.


The first maritime training school was established in Moscow as the Navigational School in 1701. The School was moved to St Petersburg in 1713 as the Naval Guard Academy. The school was renamed the Sea Cadet Corps on 17 February 1732 and was the key training establishment for officers to the Imperial Russian Navy.

In 1800, with the offering of a 'forstmeister' course, the first formal training program for foresters in Russia, one in the first in the world, was established at the academy.[1]

On 15 December 1852 the school was enlarged and renamed the Gentry Sea Cadet corps (Морской шляхетный кадетский корпус) with an intake of 360 students. A new building on Vasilievsky Island was also built to house the school. Following the destruction of the building in a fire in 1771 the school transferred to Kronstadt until 1796 when the Emperor Paul I ordered a new building in the capital.

The school expanded and became the Maritime College in 1867 and renamed again to the Sea Cadet Corps in 1891. The Corps was granted a Royal charter in 1894 and closed after the revolution in 1918

Post Revolution

The College reopened in 1918 to train officers for the new Red Navy between 1926 and 1998 the school was named in honour of Mikhail Frunze. The school was merged with another Naval school in 2001 and renamed the Peter the Great Sea Cadet Corps of the St. Petersburg Naval Institute.

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