Scottish Fiscal Commission

Scottish Fiscal Commission
Coimisean Fiosgail na h-Alba
Agency overview
Formed June 2014
Type Non-ministerial government department
Jurisdiction Scotland
Headquarters 4 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8RZ
Agency executive

The Scottish Fiscal Commission (Scottish Gaelic: Coimisean Fiosgail na h-Alba) is an advisory non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government established by the Scottish Parliament to provide independent, impartial and expert public scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s forecasts of receipts and economic determinants relating to devolved taxes.[1][2]

It was formally created in June 2014, and was placed on a statutory footing by the Scottish Fiscal Commission Act 2016.[3] The Commission is currently headed by Lady Susan Rice, formerly the chair of Lloyds TSB Scotland plc.[2]


The Scottish Fiscal Commission was created by the Scottish Government in June 2014 to review government forecasts of receipts and tax revenue forecasts for the two devolved Scottish taxes - Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and Scottish Landfill Tax - and for Non-Domestic Rates.[1] The Commission also has a role in scrutinising the economic factors which underpin forecast receipts from non-domestic rates.[2]


The Scottish Fiscal Commission comprises three members, who are nominated for appointment by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and Economy.[2] The nominations are considered by the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament, which then reports on the nominations to the Parliament as a whole.[2] Parliament then decides whether or not to approve the nominations. The current members of the Scottish Fiscal Commission are:[1]

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